The Pacific Islands Internet Society (PICISOC) in partnership with UNDP, will host a Pacific Hackathon on 12-13 April 2022. The event will bring together technologists and interested persons from around the region to develop a solution for the client – Pacific Island Association of NGOs (PIANGO). 
PIANGO is a regional body and represents a network of umbrella organizations or platforms that are registered in 24 countries, territories, and states across the Pacific region. These umbrella bodies at the country level are called National Liaison Units (NLUs) and they again act as an umbrella body to other NGOs and community groups.

About the challenge

In an ideal situation, Governments would coordinate national consultations that involve and capture the voices of its civil society groups that represent the needs of the communities. Regional leaders decisions should therefore genuinely articulate the aspirations of its people.  This is not the case, and regional NGOs are at the mercy of adhoc requests for CSO participation. The requests often at the last minute. This does not allow for coordination amongst regional CSOs, nor with coordination with national CSOs for them to consult local networks. The absence of structured consultations also means that there is no way to understand what has been submitted on a given topic, who was behind it and how it was responded to. There are no mechanisms to track what happens after civil society has provided feedback nor understand the repercussions of discussions at the regional level. For instance there is no system at the moment to understand how CROPs or countries implement the decisions and discussions. 

Regional civil society organisations would like to:

  • play a more efficient role in coordinating a common voice that will inspire collective action – with their regional network and more generally with civil society and individuals of the Pacific;
  • increase the transparency and accountability of such discussions by publicly displaying the submissions and tracking the responses and actions afterwards. 

The ideal platform would therefore:

  • allow for regional civil society organisations (e.g. PIANGO or any other regional organisation) to share information about topics of importance so civil society can agree on messages jointly and contribute their opinion individually;
  • allow for a clean tracking system where everybody could see contributions and search through past discussions when last minute topics come up;
  • create a monitor tool which would allow regional civil society organisations to check on what regional and national institutions are doing to implement (or not) their decision.

Get started

You are invited to build a solution for PIANGO to securely share information about topics of importance so civil society can agree on messages jointly and contribute their opinion individually. This solution will eventually include a way to track contributions, discussions, and national and regional implementation.


When you are ready to enter your submission, go to the homepage and click [submission link]

The first requirement is that you need to build a minimum viable prototype of a platform for our Civic Society to amplify our Pacific family's voices on various issues, challenges, and opportunities.

The platform can take the form of a website, an app, or something else that our Pacific people, PIANGO, National and Local civic partners can share, collaborate and intensify their shared voices to relevant stakeholders within the government, regional and international stages.

The platform must try to be "good", meaning it must be user friendly, efficient, effective, and scalable. Please review the judging criteria before you start and submit.

The second requirement is that you need to provide a video along with the prototype. In the video, you need to include a presentation of why you built the tool, an overview/ run-through, and how your platform aims to address the challenge. The video should be at a max of 5 minutes.

The platform must be accessible publicly, or a private link or access is given to the judges so they can access, execute, and use it.

Your submission must be original and new and not be a previously developed project.

Hackathon Sponsors


$10,000 in prizes

Grand Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Letitia Masaea

Sam Saili
Sky Eye


PNG ICT Cluster

Sam Leggett

Sam Leggett

Tim Tuisawau
HFC Bank

Emeline Siale

Emeline Siale

Judging Criteria

  • Presentation
    The presentation must be informative, concise and clear
  • Feasibility
    The proposed solution should must be easy to understand and use by everyone in the pacific including marginalized communities and citizens
  • Innovation
    The proposed solution must be original and unique
  • Effectiveness
    The proposed solution must be effective in solving the problem faced by PIANGO as it must propose a solution to better coordinate, publish or/and monitor the follow-up on civil society opinions, submissions and collective call for actions.

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